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  • What is Interactive Guestbook?

    Interactive Guestbook replaces your pen and paper guestbook with a unique digital experience. It is a free-standing kiosk that digitally captures vital information about your visitors while providing them with an entertaining experience. It provides you with a wealth of data about your visitors, accessible from any computer, that you can use to build your business and help target your visitor base for marketing purposes.

  • How do I purchase Interactive Guestbook?

    Just contact us to get started and we'll be in touch soon.

  • How quickly can I get this up and running at my location?

    Once a licensing agreement is signed, your new Interactive Guestbook can be on site and operating in 10-15 business days.

  • Who owns Interactive Guestbook?

    You do! Once your guestbook is setup you own all of the guestbook's hardware and data that is collected under your account.

  • How much does Interactive Guestbook cost?

    Pricing starts at $8,000. Contact us to learn more about our options.

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